Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I am so passionate about Thrive by Le-Vel!

THRIVE makes it SIMPLE to achieve premium HEALTH? THREE little steps...yes only THREE. Shake power, capsules and our DFT (patch) that you just stick on and GO! Our power packed products have a compound affect with EVERYTHING you need for pain by attacking inflammation, it helps the blues, improves mental clarity and helps digestive issues. I am BLOWN away how it has helped me and several friends with headaches and migraines.

Le-Vel products were not designed as a weight loss product, but that is for sure a side effect of the body getting itself in BALANCE! THRIVE is high grade nutrition that the body needs to operate at a high level. Loaded with Vitamins, Mineral, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes and Probiotics as well as proprietary blends that are designed to balance the body to endure stress, lessen pain and more. For those that are more concerned with loosing weight and becoming toned we do have options to INTENSIFY this for you. LOSE weight, LOSE the blues, LOSE high blood sugar numbers, LOSE hot flashes, night sweats and LOSE headaches. Get your body in balance with THRIVE, eat clean and workout. Try this for a month and SEE what we are all so passionate about!


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