Thursday, January 2, 2014

22 days on Thrive!

Thanks Tonya for sharing your Thrive story! 

22 days on THRIVE to date.

I was a complete mess when I was introduced to Le-Vel. I had been to more doctors than you could possibly imagine.

My name is Tonya, and THIS IS MY THRIVE STORY!

First off I am a diabetic and a very unruly one. (I am not advising or recommending anyone to follow what I have done because it was totally against doctors orders.)

I was on insulin for about 8 months. Have taken pills pretty much my entire life on and off to help control my sugar. One day I woke up and said I AM NOT TAKING ANOTHER INSULIN SHOT and I AM NOT TAKING ANOTHER PILL. I made the decision I would die of natural causes and not synthetic from all the side effects I was getting from the many different drugs and insulins I had been using.

I worked in dialysis for over 6 years so I know the results of diabetes, seen it first hand. I gained lots of weight.

Bought every diet fad that come on the market for the past 15 years and went to weight loss clinics and doctors. My final step was to have surgery. Got all of my pre-ops done and right before surgery my insurance calls with the SORRY we are not paying. So, here I am in the same spot I have been, with the same issues facing me. So just continued to fill my cabinet with every fad on the market. Not $100 dollar purchases some were as much as $750 and up.

Some of my other aggravations were regular headaches, achey bones, blurry vision and a very muddy mind. Not to mention all the extra weight I am toting around.

THEN, Dec. 9th, my THRIVE EXPERIENCE arrived in the mail!
Tuesday December 10th is a day I will not forget!!!!!

I woke, took my 2 THRIVE capsules, and 20 minutes later made my dreadful shake that I was so concerned how i was going to choke down (to find out it is really good and love it).

I made a promise to myself that I was going to use my THRIVE EXPERIENCE for 30 days ( GOOD, BAD or UGLY no EXCEPTIONS).

Folks 22 days down and unlimited to go…..Those 380-450 Blood sugars every time I checked it previous to starting THRIVE. Now I have seen readings as low as 157. Got on the scales 12lbs gone. I am not about diet. The word DIET makes me want to eat things I have not thought about eating in forever. I DO NOT DIET. I just eat and if I want it I eat it. 

SO many of my aches and aggravations from previous injuries and surgeries have sure eased up.
I have noticed the confusion and frustration I have experienced in the past has turned into a more pleasant and sharper felling. I have not had ibuprofen one single day for a headache.

SO to sum it up…EVERYONE needs to THRIVE. They do not know what they are missing. The quick less than 5 minutes of my time it takes every morning has been a blessing and in my eyes a miracle. Thank You Mauria for sharing such a wonderful product not to mention the business side of it is only a PLUS for my family.

Another quick story of my families amazing results.. My mom who I love dearly is the most negative person out there. Nothing works nothing helps. She has had 14 knee surgeries on ONE LEG and 4 of them being COMPLETE KNEE REPLACEMENTS in the past 7 years, She walked into the hospital April will be 8 yrs ago to find she would face never walking again on her own without a crutch.

I tell her..MOM I have ordered some thing I want you to commit to for 30 days and if you do not like it then I will not say another word but we are going to do this together and see if it helps. She informed me how she was not going to drink a nasty shake and did not want some pills making her all nervous and jittery. I told her fine lets just give it a shot and see what happens. 

Her product arrives 3 days after mine. SO her journey started on FRIDAY the 13th. Told her perfect day to remember. She took her 2 pills called me and told me she was fixing to mix up this nasty shake and try to choke it down. I LOL and said OK MOM…whatever you think just do it for me. Funny I got call later that evening telling me the shake was not yucky and those pills did not make her nervous at all. Whew….Step 1 …Check…we actually got one day completed. SO I talk to her several times a day as I am the ONLY CHILD so I ask her each day, did you take your pills, drink your shake and put your patch on. ROLES have reversed here. Daughter making sure MOMMY stays on track.

Days go by and we have talked everyday and she has not given me any real updates on what Le-Vel was doing for her so I did not make a big deal of it. One night my phone buzzed about midnight. Not unusual as if it is on her mind she calls whenever. she said GUESS WHAT??? I have not had a PAIN PILL in 5 days. This is a woman who has been on pain pills of every kind on the market for the past 7 years. Not always the strongest but always looking for some thing to help her deal with the aggravating pain she has. This is the woman that tells me nothing can or will help her sitiuation. She has had NO WITHDRAWALS or side effects. What she has had to this point is relief, NO nausea and more energy than she has had in years. I have noticed she is more upbeat and happier.
ONCE AGAIN…MAURIA DONE IT…Now I just want to help others as much as MAURIA has helped my family by sharing this AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

More AWESOME RESULTS from my family. 

My HUSBAND has been in a downhill spiral for several months now. Refuses to go to doctors. He will be 65 this year. STARTED on his product around the 18th. He told me the third day he could tell he was feeling some better. He previously was experiencing sinking spells like he was going to pass out and LIFELESS every day mid morning and then struggle to finish out the day. Dec 27th he for some reason did not take his pills or his shake. Heads out to tend to chores around the ranch. I find him leaned up against pickup with his head down. I ask him what was wrong. He said one of those spells. I ask did you take your pills and shake. He replied NO I was just going to come out and turn on the water and got caught up doing some thing else. I said get in there and get your pills down and a shake. So about 3 hours later he said I think I might be feeling like a human again.

He will be the first to tell you he WILL NOT be caught without having his daily fix. He shared with me how he felt it was helping but did not really realize to what degree it had helped him until he missed it that one day. Many of his aches and stiffness has eased up from a steady 6-7 to about a 3. AGAIN…THRIVE has given my family some amazing results.

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