Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Jewelry In Candles Review

I kept seeing this hot new craze on my Facebook timeline and I decided to check things out for myself.  Jewelry In Candles is a home based business that offers candles in a variety of scents but the best part is, there is a piece of jewelry in every candle. You can choose your type of jewelry you like such as a ring, bracelet or earrings. The jewelry is valued from at least $10 in value, ranging all the way up to $7500. JIC is just a baby and just launched this year, 2013. 

The advantages is that you can sign up to be a rep for free and you get a free website. If you are wanting to sign and sell and do home parties there is an option to purchase Rep kits starting at just $16. 

They just released new scents and will be available to purchase on Monday November 18th from the web store. The company is also releasing catalogs to be able to hold home parties with family and friends. 

"JIC is still very young. Born this year (2013) we have encountered many challenges getting to this point and we still have a lot of work to do, so don't you dare think we are done; we are just getting started!"

"We are proud to announce that JIC is one of, if not the fastest growing company in our industry. We are posting numbers that are blowing away our competition.
 - Our sales are increasing on average of 400% to 600% each month.
 - We have 500+ representatives signing up every day and growing.
 - Our website (including Rep stores) has had 500,000+ visitors in the last 30 days, with nearly 3,000,000 page views."

New scents to released on 11/18: Winter Pine, Christmas Wreath, Frankincense and Myrrh, Merry Mistletoe, Pecan Pie​, Gentleman, Hazelnut Coffee, Honeysuckle, Island Hibiscus, Tranquility 


Free website
Free to start
No monthly fees
No monthly quotas to stay active
Potential to earn up to 2 generations (soon to be 6) in your downline.
30% commissions from your personal sales.
Very new company
One of my faves it is a Kentucky based/founded company
Global company
Direct deposit/Paypal is payout options
Get paid twice monthly
100% Soy candles
Burn 100-150 hours


Due to the demand in production, shipping is a little slow.
Shipping is a little on the high side as well and very high internationally.

I really like the concept of the company so far, and yes I joined as a rep. Here are "revealings" of some of the jewelry that have been found. The candles do smell amazing and I highly recommend the Apple Harvest!

Until the 24th of November you can sign up to be a JIC Rep for absolutely nothing, so there is really nothing to lose. 

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