Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biscuits and Hamburger Gravy

Biscuits and Hamburger Gravy

For biscuits: 

½ Tsp salt
2 cups flour 
1 Tbsp. Baking Powder
1/3 cup soft butter 
¾ cup milk

For biscuits blend flour, baking powder and butter until crumbly. Add milk, blend (¼ more milk for drop biscuits, drop by heaping Tbsp onto baking sheet). Roll out biscuits and cut in shapes. Bake on a baking sheet at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes or until golden brown on top.

For Gravy:
½ cup butter (1 stick) 
¼ cup flour
salt and pepper to taste 
1 cup milk
hamburger or sausage (optional)

For Gravy fry crumpled hamburger or sausage in frying pan until not pink in the middle, remove meat and set aside, drain out all but a Tbsp of fat and put butter into frying pan and melt until bubbling . Whip together milk, flour and spices until foamy. Add to melted butter stirring constantly, add meat if using. Bring to a boil stirring constantly for 5 minutes or until gravy starts to thicken. Remove from heat and set to cool. Gravy will thicken while cooling. Pour over biscuits and serve. Serves 4

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